Giving Life to Arduino’s Blink.ino

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I’d add this modified blink program for cosplayers to install on their Arduinos. It uses average human blink times, slightly randomized, to turn the lights off and… Read More

Beneath the Morrslieb

The moonlit streets were nearly empty, as the wise folk of the town had mostly retreated inside. The few brave souls that ventured out in the stinking darkness were guards, or those with business that was best conducted… Read More

Driving Metal

Every day is the same. You blink away the grit that stings your eyes, choke down another lungful of dust and ash, and try to get by however you can. What little food you can afford tastes like… Read More

Things Ancient and Obscure

The antique shop door rattles closed behind you. The bell above it makes a half-hearted jingle and falls quickly silent. There is no one to be seen. Wafting from the back comes the scent of decaying incense and… Read More

It’s about time…

Guess I should get around to doing something with the site. I’ll be posting various microfiction, and promoting longer stuff if I get around to publishing. Stay tuned.